All About the New ‘Tiny House’ Trend

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Living simpler and living smaller is the overarching idea when it comes to Tiny Houses, but what exactly are they? Read on to discover more about this odd new trend with surprisingly stylish homes that may have you start second guessing your own large home.

What Are Tiny Houses

Coming in at between 80 and 900 square feet, tiny houses definitely live up to their name being up to 5 times smaller than the average American home which run at around 2,600 square feet. Dedicating yourself to a house that is astronomically smaller than what you’re used to is definitely a commitment and what tiny home owners might call a movement. The trend first began with architect Jay Schafer, who constructed his own 96 sq. ft house on wheels. The idea began gaining traction in the financial crisis of 2007-2008 when word spread and individuals came to the realization of how incredibly affordable these homes really are. Just how affordable are Tiny Houses?

  • If built by the owner, the average cost of a Tiny House is about $23,000
  • The cost of an average American home coupled with interest costs roughly $481,704.

You do the math – the price differences are staggering. Although the savings are mind blowing, it brings up the question of how are the interiors of these homes? Being 900 sq feet on the larger end of the spectrum, comfort and privacy are going to be one of the many things you are going to have to sacrifice or take on a different perspective for.

The Inside of A Tiny House


A common theme in the realm of tiny houses is that in order to make it work, is recognizing all of the things you can do without, and considering in most cases it involves moving to a house 3-4 times smaller – you’re going to have to recognize a lot. Useless knick-knacks have no place in a tiny home where everything has a purpose and is used somewhat frequently, otherwise it is just taking up valuable, limited space. Taking on the Tiny House lifestyle is enduring a complete life change in favor of simple living that is great for both your pocket book and the environment.


With tiny homes, every space has a vital purpose – you won’t be finding any broom closets or large amounts of empty space. Cleanliness is almost not optional if you are living in one of these tiny spaces, the smallest mess can easily throw off how clean the entire home feels, even if it is as something as small as unfolded laundry sitting on your bed. With children homes must be on the larger end of the tiny home spectrum unless the entire family sleeping on the same mattress isn’t something you would be opposed to – otherwise curtains and other privacy inducing objects will become commonplace.

The interior of Tiny Houses typically consist of:

  • An entry door
  • A kitchen sink and counter space
  • A loft bedroom
  • Toilet and shower/tub (in some cases one or both may be outdoors)

Typical bills are significantly lower considering the size reduction of the house and families have even been reported to grow closer bonds with one another with living in such a confined space, which shows that although you have to prepare yourself to downsize to only a few key items this tiny house trend may be well worth it for the right people.

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to pack up and move into a tiny house, or are you more than content with your large one?


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