Meet Our Vendors Part 4: Modway

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We asked Modway West Coast Director of Operations and Sales, Zalman Solomon a few questions about Modway to provide you with a more in depth understanding of their products.


Modway West Coast Director of Operations and Sales – Zalman Solomon

long green sofa
Modway Engage Upholstered Sofa EEI-1180-WHE

How long have you been working for Modway?

Close to 4 years


What do you strive to achieve for customers and the company overall?

Four our customers, we want to streamlining and user friendly ordering processing, make sure they are confident in our products, and we want to maintain a clear line of communication between our company and our customers.

For our company, we strive to brand our products and consistently improve our ordering process to maintain easy ordering for our customers.


How would you describe the work ethic of your team?

white desk
Modway Bridge Office Desk EEI-1186-WHI

The phrase that best describes our work ethic is ‘DITR’

D= Discipline, Staying focused, always ensuring that we are doing our part.

I= Integrity, building a trusting relationship with our customers, co-workers and employees.

T= Teamwork, we respect each other and work as a unit.

R= Responsibility, we have a sense of responsibility, this way we do our job to the best of our ability.


What is something about your company you are the proudest of?

How unique and wonderful our products look, and of course the great quality.

 What sets your company apart from other vendors?

outdoor tan patio bed
Modway Aero 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Sectional Set EEI-695-EXP-MOC-SET

There are many qualities that set us apart, but I will name only a few. We offer a great selection of different colors on many of our products to suit varying tastes, we have a fast processing service for orders, we own two warehouse facilities on both coats of the USA which makes for faster and cheaper shipping, and we include shipping in overall pricing so there is no addition cost.

 What are the most common types of materials you use (i.e. fabrics, wood)

We stock over 2500 SKU’s, so we use many types of materials for our furniture. Fabric and wood is most common.


What is your newest product/line that you are the most excited about?

Our home office desks and chairs are really great; they are definitely high quality and bring something new and different to the industry.


Shop Modway Furniture Here



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