Valentine’s Day Home Decorations with a Grown-Up Twist

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When you think of Valentine’s Day, often your mind gets bombarded with all things lace and frills along with the classic red and pink duo, and although charming serving as a reminder of your younger years, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to switch it up in your home. We decided to take Valentine’s Day home decorating to the next level with the modern adult in mind whether you’re single, living it up and wanting to deck out your space, or if you have a family and want to get into the holiday spirit but don’t want to go overboard with bright in-your-face decor (or drown in school decorations made by the kiddos). Read on to see how you can completely get your home in the Valentine’s Day mood without sacrificing style.


Romantic Candle Holders


Ditch the loud neon pink and red candle holders and opt for something more tame this Valentine’s Day. The key to having more “mature” Valentine’s Day decor is to take the opposite route when it comes to decorations and have them be a bit more mild. In the photo featured from AMDolce, delicate powder pink petals cradle any tealight candle perfectly, and the warm glow can give the perfect romance feel just about anywhere, but we suggest in the living room or dining room where everyone can enjoy the view. Cluster them together on a sturdy coffee table, or place them around your home as a tiny quaint reminder the holiday.


Bright Colors in Low Doses

Image source: popsugar

If you just can’t let go of bright decorations, you don’t have to completely kick them to the curb by any means. Limit the bold, loud decor and keep them to a minimum by incorporating them with the neutral colors that are already in your home – it will be a nice spark to serve as a gentle reminder of the season. Distributed in small amount is how bold colors work best for Valentine’s Day, that way you aren’t desensitized as opposed to seeing bright reds and bold pinks wherever you turn in your home. Take this route in order to prevent your decorations from being overwhelming and have them make your home tastefully bright.



Minor Furniture Changes

Image source: houzz

You don’t have to go out and buy a completely new sofa just for Valentine’s Day and the weeks leading up to it. Make minor changes to your furniture to make a note of the holiday and be festive without having to permanently change your entire home color scheme. Maintain the look of your sofas when you go through a temporary style change with a classic sofa cover that’s easy to slip on and off at your convenience. Try going with a bold red slip cover and accompany it with neutral tan and white pillows to only slightly hint at Valentine’s day without being too obvious. Keeping it subtle keeps it adult and classy, which is what we’re going for. If you can’t resist however, feel free to add a single valentines day themed accent pillow that will mingle in the background rather than taking center stage.

See slipcovers here


V-Day Wreaths

valentines day wreaths
Image source: flickr

Who said wreaths are only for the Christmas season? Have the front of your home allude to the Valentine themed decor that awaits inside. With outdoor wreaths, there is a lot more wiggle room as far as following generic Valentine’s Day decoration protocol or straying away from that in favor of a more mature look. Since you have a neutral outdoor landscape (provided the wreath is the only V-Day themed piece you have featured at the front of your home) you can pretty much go either way – bold red plum hearts and white lace are toned down by your neutral door and the general landscape (but try not to get too crazy), while a more mature solid color will seamlessly blend with the outer appearance of your home. In short, with wreaths, you can’t lose.

Embrace all of the options you have and feel free to get as creative as you’d like, here are a few ideas:

Click here for Valentine’s wreath ideas


Flower Arrangements


There’s nothing wrong with taking the classic route and decking your home out in bright flowers. Flowers are a great substitute for really propelling the Valentine’s Day feel in your space instead of hearts, they never fail to bring in a bright and airy vibe. Hand in hand with flowers are vases, which play a critical role in helping decorate your home. Choose a set theme you want your vases to be, but stay in the neutral range. Solid white or clear glass are your best picks. Don’t limit yourself to one color or type of flower, as long as it stays in the cliche Valentine’s Day color scheme, have fun with it! If you choose to opt for more neutral pieces of home decor, or limited bold color pieces, the flowers will beautifully stand out even more.